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Four devotees from Jaipur, killed in J&K terror attack, cremated amid heart wrenching scenes

Jaipur: Four devotees from Jaipur district, who tragically lost their lives in a terrorist attack on a bus full of pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir, were cremated on Tuesday. The bodies arrived at Jaipur Junction in the morning via the Pooja Express. Rajendra Saini and his wife Mamta from Chomu, and Puja and her two-year-old son Livansh, from Murlipura, were the victims.

Upon arrival, the bodies of Puja and her son were transported to their home in a govt vehicle. However, the vehicle carrying Rajendra and Mamta’s bodies was halted by family members outside Murlipura police station, leading to a protest. The grieving families, supported by local residents, demanded compensation for their loss, staging a sit-in protest outside the Chomu and Murlipura police stations for several hours.

Voices of anger against terrorism echoed throughout the day as the community rallied together. The govt acceded to the families’ demands, providing written assurances of Rs 50 lakh in compensation, contractual jobs for two family members, and a dairy booth.

The four bodies were then cremated at Chomu and Murlipura Mokshadham.

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