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Entire Raj will be ‘Cong-free’ in days to come, says Diya

Jaipur: Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari, on Wednesday, conducted a marathon road show in support of BJP candidate Manju Sharma from Jaipur City LS seat. During this period, she addressed the general public at more than one and a half dozen places and asked for votes for the BJP candidate. Meanwhile, impressed by the 10-year tenure of PM Narendra Modi and his Antyodaya policies, 306 leaders, including Congress leader Sitaram Agarwal, took membership of BJP without any conditions in the presence of Diya Kumari at BJP state office today.

Diya Kumari said that after Sitaram Agarwal took membership of BJP, Vidyadharnagar assembly constituency has become Congress free. “In the coming few days, not only Vidyadharnagar but the entire Rajasthan will be Congress free. The aim of all of us is to make BJP’s lotus blossom on all the 25 seats of the state under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi.”

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