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Eliminate caste discrimination, says Devnani

Jaipur: Assembly Speaker Vasudev Devnani paid homage to Saint Naval Maharaj who was born in the Taposthali of Rajasthan and said that discrimination on he basis of caste will have to be removed to help society progress. “Everyone will have to become partners in building a united India. Rajasthan is the land of heroes. There have been many social reformers here, who have worked to bring awareness. Social reformers have contributed in eliminating caste discrimination,” he said.

Devnani said that truth does not waver. “We all have to walk on the path of truth. Now India’s new identity is being created,” he said.

Nimbaram said that talent exists in every society and there is a need to bring it forward. “Change is possible only through education as it connects everyone,” he said.

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