Tuesday, December, 06,2022

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Electricity bills to have surcharge of last year

Jaipur: The state’s 1.52 crore power consumers will once again suffer a setback due to fuel surcharge. As fuel surcharge, power companies will recover around Rs 112 crore.

The consumer will have to pay an additional amount of 7 paise per unit. 

This amount will be added according to the power unit consumed from October to December last year. 

This proposal of DISCOMs has been approved by the auditor.

In view of the Assembly session, the date for its implementation is yet to be decided. In the ruling Congress government, consumers have witnessed a rise of 35 paise per unit on an average so far.

This amount is in addition to the increased electricity rate in February last year. Combining both, the average consumer has to pay about Rs 1.50 more per unit on average.

There are 13 lakh agricultural consumers, 16 lakh BPL category and 41 lakh small domestic connection holders (consumers with less than fifty units) in the state. 

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