Monday, June, 17,2024

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ED detains Piyush Jain in JJM corruption case

Jaipur: ED has arrested Piyush Jain who is an associate of Padam Chand Jain & Mahesh Mittal for getting the work done for Shreeshyam Tubewell Company, Shree Ganpati Tubewell Company under the PMLA law and of getting illegal protection from government employees, giving bribes to get tenders, passing bills and wrongdoings done in tenders. This is the first arrest made by ED in the Jal Jivan Mission corruption case in the state.

In addition, ED secured a four-day detention of Piyush Jain. ED’s inquiry has also found that Padam Chand Jain and Mahesh Mittal were also involved in gathering bogus documents for their firms. To complete the work, an enormous sum of almost Rs 3 crore 50 lakh has been invested. The Enforcement Department (ED) has conducted raids at over 70 sites so far, seizing assets valued at Rs 11 crore 3 lakh, including Rs 6.50 crore worth of gold and silver.

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