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E-vehicle sales to see sharp uptick in Rajasthan: Experts

Jaipur: In Rajasthan, the craze of electric vehicles has been increasing continuously for some time and now the sale of two-wheelers is also happening very fast in the state. Troubled by the record prices of petrol and diesel, people are now turning to e-vehicles.

The effect of heavy demand is that there is a shortage of vehicles in every city of the state including Jaipur and people are getting delivery only after 1 month of the booking. In the last few months, 11 electric buses have been registered in Jaipur city, these buses operate separately in Jaipur city.

Transport Commissioner KL Swamy says that the state government has implemented the e-vehicle policy in the state from September 1 last year, due to which the figure of sales of e-vehicles in the state is large. He said that the figure of increasing sales of vehicles in the state is very encouraging and the number of e-vehicles sold in the state last year has broken all the records so far.

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