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Jaipur: The recent actions involving Dudu Collector Hanuman Mal Dhaka (a 2014 batch IAS officer) by the ACB have sent shockwaves through entire bureaucracy in Rajasthan.

Notably, Dhaka was promoted from RAS to IAS and became the Collector for the first time. After his initial posting for four months in Khairthal-Tijara, only two months ago, in February 2024, the government gave him the responsibility of Dudu Collector, and as soon as he sat on the chair, he got involved in bribery. As his image was that of a sober officer, his action shocked all.

The conduct, behaviour, and work of the Collector can either enhance or diminish the government’s image in a district. However, Hanuman Mal Dhaka’s swift descent into bribery shortly after assuming the prestigious role has tarnished not only the image of the IAS cadre but also that of the government through his actions and conduct.

Generally, the government appoints promotee IAS officers as collectors only in the last years of their service. There are still ten years left for Dhaka’s service (August 2034), but it was his good fortune that he got the post of Collector so soon as the number of districts increased to 50. But after getting the chair, he got involved in the game of bribery and was caught.

Before Dudu, he was the Collector of KhairthalTijara for four months, and complaints about his actions there are also being exposed now. It may be noted that Dhaka has been the Deputy Commissioner of Jodhpur Development Authority and SA of Revenue Minister; therefore, he has enough experience in work related to revenue and land.

The incident involving Dhaka underscores the urgent need for heightened vigilance over land-related affairs in newly formed districts to prevent such abuses of power.

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