Thursday, June, 20,2024

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Dubai rain: Jaipur-Dubai flights get affected

Jaipur: Continuous rainfall in Dubai and flooding in Sharjah have disrupted flights from Jaipur to Dubai. The desert city of Dubai, renowned for its dry climate, is experiencing unprecedented rainfall, leading to unexpected flooding.

The effects of this rainfall were also felt at Jaipur Airport. Passengers scheduled to travel to Dubai and Sharjah were left disappointed as flights from Jaipur to Dubai were either canceled or delayed.

The situation also led to the cancellation of Sharjah-bound flight G9- 436 on Wednesday. Air Arabia’s flight, which usually departs Sharjah at 4:45 in the morning, was affected. SpiceJet’s flight to Dubai was delayed, while Flight SG57 from Jaipur to Dubai normally departs at 9:20 in the morning.

Flights will only be possible once the water is completely drained.

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