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Dr Jagdeesh Chandra hails Raj Govt’s work in field of medicine

Jaipur: “In the past years, many new inventions have happened in the medical field, many in the time of Covid pandemic. New inventions were made and doctors came forward as real heroes. In Corona, the doctors of Rajasthan were serving the people by working for 20 hours. A different kind of doctors’ service was seen in the corona period. In such a situation, it becomes our duty that such doctors should be honored by First India,” Dr Jagdeesh Chandra said.

Dr Chandra said that from the Corona period till now, better work has been done in the field of medicine in the state, better arrangements have been made in Rajasthan without any allegations and counter-allegations and it will be beneficial in the coming elections.

Dr Chandra also praised CM Ashok Gehlot’s Chiranjeevi health insurance scheme saying that this is the best scheme and definitely the government will get its benefit in the coming elections and the dream of CM Ashok Gehlot to repeat the government again can come true.

Pratap Singh Khachariyawas and Health Minister Prasadi Lal Meena congratulated the First India News Channel and said that this programme is better in itself and has honoured the doctors who are doing better work in their respective fields.

Dr Sudhir Bhandari, Vice Chancellor of RUHS, said First India always motivates, especially in the field of doctors and medicine. “When Covid came for the first time, at that time we did not have such a good infrastructure and neither did we have any experience. We are happy to say that at that time our doctors were the first to use Hydroxychlorophene,” he said.

Minister Tika Ram Jully also hailed the medical schemes in the state. “The work done in the field of medicine in Rajasthan, especially in the time of Corona, is not in any other state,” he said.

JMC Heritage Mayor Munesh Gurjar said that First India always raises the social concern. In his speech, MLA Rafeek Khan praised the channel head Dr Chandra and said that the way the channel has innovated the ticker system is important in itself. “Ticker system has given a new identity to the media industry,” he said.

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