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DoP accomplishes an ‘uphill’ task in transfers of 33 IAS officers!

Jaipur: First India reported on June 21 that the new IAS transfer list is a big challenge for the Department of Personnel. The new transfer list of 33 IAS was released on 4th July and the point was proved right. Taking back additional charges from officers is far, but half a dozen officers have been given additional charges in the list.
The transfers of the secretary-level officers have not happened yet, but important posts at the lower level like excise commissioner had to be left vacant due to a lack of suitable and qualified officers. In many departments and corporations, officers are being changed time and again because whoever is appointed is not delivering. There are many officers who have been transferred for the 5th or 6th time because they are not able to fit anywhere.

So far, 4 excise commissioners have been changed in this government. Two have been changed in the last 6 months. Chetan Ram Deora could only stay for 3 months and Prakash Rajpurohit was the commissioner only for 70 days. The matter of concern is that this post has to be left vacant for the time being in search of a suitable officer. So far, 7 MDs have been changed in RTDC in this government. After removing Manisha Arora in 6 months, experiment will now be done with Vijay Pal Singh. NRHM is an important and major flagship program in the medical sector. Naveen Jain had taken this program to a new height by being the mission director for a long period of 4 years, but after Naveen, half a dozen mission directors have changed in this government.

Aruna Rajoria was replaced in just 2 months and Jitendra Kumar Soni was replaced in just 6 months. With this, it can be imagined what the condition of the mission is today. The responsibility of this full-time and important post of NRHM has now been entrusted to Medical secretary Prithviraj as an additional charge. This is completely impractical and unfair. To expect Prithvi Raj to be able to handle the responsibility of two full-time posts is like taking a big risk. The story of Jal Jeevan Mission is also interesting. The mission director has full-time responsibility. That is why the responsibility is given to the IAS officer in place of the officers of the department.

But four IAS officersPrithviraj, Prakash Rajpurohit, Pratap Singh and now Kumar Pal Gautam were changed in 9 months. Now Kumar has been given an additional charge. RUIDP already has full-time work. The offices of RUIDP and Jal Jeevan Mission are in two different directions in the city. Kumar’s precious time will be wasted in travelling between the two offices. In the IT department, different reasons are being given for the government’s displeasure with Sandesh Nayak. Having a different opinion in the purchase of smart phones is being said as the big reason. However, it is not digestible to replace Nayak with Ashish Gupta, a junior IAS of 2013 batch.

This is his sixth posting in this government. He has failed as collector in Banswara and Bundi. In the list, one additional charge has been removed this time. The charge of RSMM MD, Udaipur was taken from Mines Director K.B. Pandya and Pradeep Gawande was made the full-time MD. It is said that Pradeep has been sent from Jaipur to Udaipur on the recommendation of a minister for a special mission.

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