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Doctors in Rajasthan on 24 hour strike against "Right to Health Bill"

Jaipur: The opposition to Rajasthan Government's proposed Right to Health Bill has intensified across the state as the Doctors took to the streets to protest against the proposed bill in Rajasthan on Saturday and declared a strike of one day. The medical and emergency operations are to be on hold for 24 hours starting at 8 AM on Saturday.
Taking to social media Indian Medical Association tweeted on Saturday said that they have demanded some amendments in the Bill the IMA stands with members. "Dr. Sharad Agarwal, N.P, IMA visited Kota on 10th Feb and held a press conference on the issue of the proposed "Right to Health Bill" by Rajasthan Government. He demanded amendment in the said Bill. He reassured the IMA members that the IMA stands with them, always."
The protesting doctors, after the meeting with the Select Committee, said that the government is not ready to listen to them.
The doctors in the protest are determined that the government can bring the bill without them but they will not tolerate it.
Gehlot declared on Republic Day this year that the state government will bring the Right to Health Bill to the state.
"We have a public welfare government in Rajasthan. We will now be bringing the Right to Health Bill. The BJP is opposing the bill to please the private sector. But our government is not against the private sector. We will make laws by taking everyone together," he added.
On January 12, while addressing a public meeting, CM Gehlot also claimed that he had requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his government's Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme should be implemented in the whole country. (ANI)

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