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Divyakriti’s inspiring triumph at Asian Games

Jaipur: In a grand homecoming, celebrated Asian Games Gold Medalist, Divyakriti Singh, made her triumphant return to Jaipur after a remarkable two-year journey to victory in Hangzhou, China. Her return was marked by a captivating press conference where she shared insights into her incredible experiences & laid out her ambitious future plans.

The 19th Asian Games witnessed the Indian Dressage Team clinching the coveted Team Gold medal, with Divyakriti Singh emerging as the shining star of the event. This historic achievement marked a significant milestone for Indian equestrian sports, as it had been nearly 4 decades since the nation had won a medal in Dressage at Asian Games.

The 23-year-old Divyakriti recalled her beginnings, having started riding horses at the age of 13 while studying at Mayo College Girls’ School in Ajmer. She went on to embrace dressage professionally three years ago. She emphasized the profound bond between herself and her horse, Adrenaline, and how this partnership was crucial to their success. This is exemplified by her quote, “MY HORSE IS MY BEST FRIEND,” capturing the essence of their extraordinary connection.

Divyakriti’s success story is not only about individual dedication but also the unwavering support of her family and her coach, Inza Hansen. Her future ambitions are as grand as her achievements, as she expressed her desire to participate in the World Championship in 2026 and the Olympics in 2028. However, she also highlighted the financial challenges equestrian sports pose and called for greater support and investment in the field to nurture emerging talents.

The significance of her accomplishment extends beyond the sporting realm. Hailing from Village Peeh Marwar in Nagaur District, she delivered her career’s best performance to lead India to victory amidst fierce competition from 12 countries.

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