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Rajsamand/Chittorgarh/ Udaipur/Jaipur/Alwar: Dissidence grew among the BJP leaders who were denied party tickets to contest assembly elections after the second list released on Saturday, prompting their supporters to hold protests at several places including Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Udaipur and Jaipur.

Situation escalated to vandalism in Rajasamand as the BJP office was targeted by protesters who vented their anger by pelting stones.

Similar scenes unfolded in Chittorgarh, where stones were thrown at the residence of State President CP Joshi after sitting MLA Chandrabhan Akya was denied ticket. However, Akya denied his hand in the incident.

In Rajsamand, the unrest primarily revolved against the party’s decision to give ticket to MLA Deepti Maheshwari.
The supporters of Sanganer MLA Ashok Lahoty also protested at outside the party office in Jaipur against denial of ticket to Lahoty. Similarly, the protest against the BJP candidate in Bundi, Ashok Dogra, resulted in effigies being burned and protest. In Udaipur, Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi, a contender for the ticket, also protested for not giving him the ticket from Udaipur city.

Further discord unfolded in Alwar city also as Sanjay Sharma’s ticket allocation led to protests on Sunday, particularly among the Vaishya community, who demanded more representation in the district.

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