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Displeased DGP raps SPs for not relieving officers

Jaipur: DGP Umesh Mishra on Monday expressed displeasure over policemen not relieving even after transfer orders from the Police Headquarters. In the crime meeting held at the PHQ, DGP Umesh Mishra looked very strict about this issue.

In fact, even after transfer, some SPs do not relieve the officers. It is noticed that SPs to not relieve DSP, Inspector and Sub-Inspector level officials even after they are transferred from the PHQ. DGP Mishra gave strict instructions in the meeting regarding this trend. “Police officers should be relieved with immediate effect after transfer orders from the PHQ. Disciplinary action will be taken against the SP who does not do so,” Mishra warned.

Meanwhile, DGP Mishra praised Jodhpur Rural and Barmer SP for the recent encounter of a wanted criminal. “Jodhpur Rural and Barmer SP have worked in a very professional manner,” the DGP patted the officers.

During CS, DGP meeting in Bikaner on Sunday, the DGP also mentioned that constables work hard and he had recently discussed with higher officials about starting a weekly off for them.

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