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Day after ‘igniting fire’, Chandna calls on Gehlot!

Jaipur: A day after Rajasthan sports minister asked to be relieved from his post over the conduct of the CM’s principal secretary, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday said Ashok Chandna’s tweet should not be taken seriously as he might be under pressure due to the workload.

Chandna on Thursday expressed anguish over the conduct of Gehlot’s principal secretary, referring to him as the “minister of all the departments”, and said he would prefer being removed as a minister.

Chandna made his displeasure public through a tweet, saying he does not want to hold on to the “dishonourable” ministerial post.

Gehlot said Chandna had organised a state level sports programme earlier and in the same way, a similar event -- ‘Rural Olympics’ is going to be held for the first time in Rajasthan in which 30 lakh people are likely to participate.

“A huge load is on him. Maybe he (Chandna) came under tension and made some comments. It should not be taken seriously... will talk to him,” Gehlot told reporters.

The chief minister said he had not talked to the minister till now.

“He seem to be working under pressure, such a big responsibility has come on him, will see,” Gehlot said.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening Chandna called on CM Gehlot and the duo met for nearly ten minutes wherein Gehlot registered his displeasure and disappointment on the way Chandna had raised the entire matter. Chandna also put forward his side of the story, but he had no other option than to say ‘Sorry’ to a towering CM.

Meanwhile, after his meeting with Gehlot, Ashok Chandna took to twitter and said, “There was a meaningful and lengthy discussion on all subjects with the Honorable Chief Minister. He is the guardian of the Rajasthan Congress family. Whatever he decides will be right. BJP should focus on its home, Congress family is united and mobilized for #Mission-2023.”

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