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CS stresses efficiency & accountability during his second surprise visit to JDA

Jaipur: Early on Monday morning, CS Sudhansh Pant reached JDA at around 9:15 am and conducted a surprise inspection. JDA Commissioner, Manju Rajpal and JDA Secretary, Hempushpa Sharma were not in their office. He assessed attendance and office arrangements, marking his second surprise visit this year after January 23.

Pant scrutinized files in officers’ rooms before leading a meeting attended by top JDA officials, where he stressed prompt public service and office cleanliness.

He warned against complacency, urging officials to fulfill responsibilities diligently. Pant acknowledged improvements since his last inspection and praised JDA’s reduced file backlog and enhanced efficiency, especially highlighting JDA Secretary’s reduced average disposal time to 9 hours. He instructed fair treatment in handling encroachments and illegal constructions, emphasising equal enforcement regardless of status. He commended JDC Manju Rajpal & her team for JDA’s progress, “I reached JDA at 9:08 in the morning. Arriving before the scheduled time gives time to view files comfortably.”

“Action will be taken against one or two officers; I will write to JDC Manju Rajpal,” the CS told media after meeting.

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