Wednesday, October, 04,2023

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CS directs to implement budget promises

Jaipur: In view of the very short time to implement its plans in the election year, the Gehlot govt has given instructions for necessary action to implement the budget announcements. According to the guidelines of the CM, CS Usha Sharma has strictly instructed all the departments to take necessary steps to implement the budget announcements by keeping them in 3 categories.

The CS issued instructions to implement the budget announcement on time. In such a situation, those announcements in which there is no financial obligation and only issuing administrative orders is enough, instructions were given to release them without any delay.

Issues that do not have financial implications but require the approval of the Finance or Personnel, Dept will send it ASAP. If there is a financial obligation or provision of funds is necessary, then such separate proposals should be sent to the Finance Dept within 15 days.

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