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Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot visited a private diagnosis centre on Wednesday afternoon where the CM got his toe examined. During this time, the team of doctors from SMS Hospital was also present. After the check-up, CM talked to the media during which Gehlot fiercely attacked Modi government. CM said that no relief is being given by Central Government, instead election gimmicks are being adopted. “The central government can do anything for elections. The reality is that the central government is coming on the backfoot. We are all set for the elections. Recently, in a program the PM got my name removed from the speech, still I attended the program. Congress is going to form the govt once again in Rajasthan. Opposition has no issue at all on the basis of which it can seek votes from public,” he said.

Gehlot has made allegations of corruption in court and claimed that the decisions are written through lawyers. “Today there is a lot of corruption happening in judiciary. I have heard that many lawyers take judgment in writing in court and it is that judgement that is passed by court. What is this happening in the judiciary? Be it lower judiciary or upper, situation is serious. Countrymen must think,” he said.

There was huge corruption during the time of Arjun Meghwal, it was suppressed.

Gehlot supported Kailash Meghwal’s allegations and said, “Kailash Meghwal is right. We are getting it investigated. I have come to know that there was a lot of corruption during his (Arjun Meghwal) time. It has been suppressed. These people have taken a stay from the High Court. I never interfere in Judiciary, RPSC, ACB. I have never interfered in the work of these institutions in my life.”

We may have also helped in making many HC judges
Gehlot said, “We must have helped in appointing many High Court judges. 25 years ago, the Chief Minister used to give recommendations for making High Court judges. We have seen that era too. We were also MPs, Union ministers. There were many recommendations. We may have also made many recommendations for making judges. Those recommendations must have had value somewhere. Many would have become judges. After becoming a judge, I did not talk to those people for the rest of my life. I have my own approach.”

No one can do what we did for Hindus and bovines
“I want to tell BJP, no one can do what we did for Hindus. No one can take the decisions we have taken for Gau mata. We are spending 3 thousand crore rupees on bovines. 40,000 is being given for a cow that dies of lumpy disease. Who else is giving this in the country? We are coming with Kamdhenu scheme. Getting temples constructed. A corridor is being built in the temple of Govind Dev Ji at a cost of Rs 100 crore ,” he said.

We are ready if Assembly & Lok Sabha polls are held together
On the question of preparations for holding assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously, Gehlot said, “We are ready. Even if Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are held simultaneously, we are fully prepared. The central government can get anything done.”

ED, Income Tax officers should now speak bluntly
Gehlot questioned the condition of the investigating agencies today. “It’s time for CBI, ED, I-T to think. They should clearly tell their superiors that they cannot do this,” he said.

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