Tuesday, December, 06,2022

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Consumers can now sell surplus power to discoms

Jaipur: Domestic consumers, who want to install solar plants on their rooftops, they will now be able to earn some extra money by selling the surplus power generated to discoms. Under the net metering in the state, thousands of consumers are willing to install rooftop solar power plants but the huge cost of setting up the plants often dissuades them. Under the direction of NS Nirvana, MD of Ajmer Discom, Additional Chief Engineer Project Mukesh Baldi has finalized the tender for 55 MW rooftop solar project. According to Nirvana, a total of 25 MW solar plants will be installed under jurisdiction of Jaipur discom and 15 MW each under jurisdiction of Ajmer-Jodhpur Discom. Vendors have also been fixed for this. Ajmer discom administration has finalized the tender for 55 MW rooftop solar project and fixed the vendor and the maximum price. Rs 43500 in Jaipur between 1-3 KW.

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