Thursday, February, 29,2024

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Congress likely to reap benefits of Mehangai Rahat Camps: Survey

Jaipur: Will the inflation relief camp be converted into votes? According to sources, the Congress conducted the survey at the level of in-charges, stresses that the benefits from the relief camps are showing inclination towards the ruling party. If the survey is accurate then the model of development can be a hit. A shocking fact has also come to the fore. There are 70 seats where Congress does not have qualified faces yet! Even SC reserved seats are also included in these. However, it is a matter of satisfaction for Congress that it is still dominant in ST dominated seats. According to the survey, there can be a change of face here , this has raised hope of Congress. The concern is that caste politics at the inflation relief camps should not over power everything else. That is why action is being taken to keep such issues at bay!

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