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Congress got 0.49% less votes & lost 31 seats

Jaipur: In the 2018 assembly election results, the Congress faced a setback as the party got 0.49 percent less votes compared to the previous election, leading to a loss of 31 seats.

The victory-defeat margin between BJP and Congress in 2018 was a mere 0.53, translating to 1 lakh 89 thousand 899 votes.

Despite a slight dip, Congress secured 39.53 percent votes this time. Conversely, BJP experienced a notable rise with a 1.41 percent increase in votes, reaching 41.69 percent.

This significant difference propelled the BJP from 73 seats to an impressive 115 seats. The surge in BJP’s votes is attributed to a shift from BSP and local small parties, including RLP.

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