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CM to lend a helping hand to BJP candidates in WB & Jharkhand

Jaipur: After conducting massive campaigning in the State and taking organisational meetings to ensure the success of the BJP in Rajasthan during both phases of Lok Sabha polls, CM Bhajan Lal Sharma will be visiting other states to campaign for the BJP.

On Monday, CM Sharma will visit Kolkata and will leave from Jaipur at 07:15 AM. He will conduct a roadshow in support of party’s candidate in Srerampur, Kabir Shankar Bose. Later, CM Sharma will participate in a convention organised by the Marwari community and industrialists in Srerampur.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, CM Sharma will leave for Jharkhand from Kolkata and take part in the nomination programme in Dhanbad where he will hold a public meeting in support of the BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate, Dhulu Mahato.

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