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CM Gehlot to inaugurate Chambal River Front Project in Kota today

Jaipur/Kota: The ‘government’ of Rajasthan will be in Kota for the next two days, i.e. September 12 and September 13 (Wednesday). In these two days, many gifts from the Chambal River Front to the Oxygen Park, built with crores of rupees, will be dedicated to the public. Meanwhile, the Cabinet meeting proposed on Sept 13 was cancelled on Monday.

CM Ashok Gehlot will inaugurate the Chambal River Front on Tuesday. Sitting in a boat, he will dedicate this project, which is being described as the world’s best, to the general public in a unique way from the river amid the chanting of 125 priests. The 225 feet high idol of Chambal Mata and temples of five elements – fire, air, water, sky and earth together in the river front will be the center of attraction at the venue.

During the Kota tour in the election year, the government will keep the box of gifts open for two days. Oxygen Park will be inaugurated on the second day. Work on all these projects was in progress for a long time and people were eagerly awaiting their inauguration. Finally this wait is about to end.

On September 13, an important meeting of the Cabinet and the Council of Ministers, which was to be held at Oxygen Park, has been cancelled.

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