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CJI hails women empowerment in Raj judiciary

Jaipur: “Women empowerment is visible in District Judiciary of Rajasthan. Out of 1344 judicial officers in Rajasthan, there are 782 male officers and 562 women judicial officers. I congratulate Rajasthan High Court for this,” CJI DY Chandrachud said on Saturday. While recalling his young days he said he used to like “Ghevar” & “Kachori”. He was addressing the Platinum Jubilee Year of the Raj High Court at a ceremony held at JECC campus in Sitapura. CJ of the Raj High Court A G Masih, judges & members of bar association were present.

SC judge SR Bhatt said that Rajasthan has its own problems and its geographical area is bigger than 133 countries. Justice Bhatt said that the system o f Sanganer open court should be adopted in other states also. Supreme Court Judge Pankaj Mithal said Rajasthan is such a state where even Chetak horse is worshipped. He also mentioned the strike that took place during his Chief Justice tenure.

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