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Chambal River Front will be a world level attraction: Dhariwal

Urban Development and Housing (UDH) Minister Shanti Dhariwal has once again proved that his experience and vision regarding urban development in the state is par excellence. Dhariwal, who is currently serving his third tenure as the UDH Minister, has completely changed the face of Kota city in the current term through the Chambal River project, amongst various other developmental projects envisioned by him. Speaking exclusively to Shweta Mishra Awasthi & Abhishek Shrivastava of First India News, Dhariwal, shares his experiences.

  • How is the current tenure of yours different and better than your last two tenures?
    Shanti Dhariwal:
    I have worked a lot in both my last tenures. I am completely satisfied with this. During this tenure the thought came that Chambal river has been flowing for hundreds of years and is also a big source of drinking water. A thought of a river front project came to my mind which I discussed with architect Anoop Bartaria who prepared the blueprint in about one and a half months. Everything was finalized at the end of 2019. After completing the tender process, its work started in July 2020. About 10,000 labourers were employed in Kota and despite Corona pandemic, we did not let the workers go. Even at that time, I and architect Anoop Bartaria visited the spot and regularly monitored these works.
  • What are the salient features of this world class project?
    There are four things in this project which will create a world record. A 225-feet high marble statue of Chambal Mata, the tallest in the world. Similarly, the world’s largest bell, world’s largest statue of Lord Shiva’s Nandi and the largest face mask in the world of India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru who laid the foundation of the dams and Kota Barrage on the Chambal River.
  • What are your expectations and how will this project become a boon for Kota city?
    I hope that when any person in the world thinks of river front projects, the first thought that will come to his mind is Chambal River Front Project. Apart from this, tourism will increase in Kota, which will boost the economy.
  • During the inauguration ceremony of the project, will the cabinet meeting also be held on the Chambal River Front?
    Yes, the Cabinet meeting will be held on September 13 at 11 am in the glass house built there.
  • Credit is given to CM Ashok Gehlot or the state government for the revival of Housing Board and PSKS and PGKS campaigns. But whenever it comes to Chambal River Front Project, only your name comes up?
    This project has come on the ground only due to the guidance and blessings of CM Gehlot. The project work has been completed only due to his orders.
  • You are often accused of being the Urban Development Minister of Kota only?
    Be it Udaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner or Jaipur, there has been no less development in any of them. The second phase of Ram Niwas Bagh parking is being built in Jaipur. Various intersections in Jaipur too are being made traffic signal free, much like it is in Kota. A very long elevated road has been built in Ajmer. Many flyovers have been built in Udaipur. In fact, the state government cannot spend thousands of crores of rupees for the development of any one city.
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