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…but under CM Gehlot, officials willingly work for State’s betterment!

Jaipur: A statement of Rajasthan Congress incharge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has shocked the state bureaucracy and officials are surprised as to why is Randhawa ‘hard’ on the state bureaucracy?

On Tuesday, Randhawa said in Kota, “Officials should fear the government. It is wrong to sit on the same sofa as minister in the chambers. Be it any officer, they should sweat before entering CM or ministers’ chambers. If there will be fear in officials, only then will they better administer. Officials dont give weightage to workers, which is not right.”

Now, knowledgeable sources claim that in comparison to other states, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s relation with state bureaucracy is strong and good. The officials do not work under fear, but with utmost will to do better and stay committed to work. Whereas the truth is that the Chief Minister does not shy away from patting the backs of bureaucrats. In such a good situation, Randhawa’s ‘words’ to ministers is pointless.

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