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Blood bank at SMS upgraded with 30K units of blood storage capacity

Jaipur: State’s largest SMS Hospital has created a blood storage cold unit in collaboration with Bhamashah ‘Damodar Lal Narayani Devi Khatoria Charitable Trust’ at the hospital to help patients during emergency situations. The unit was inaugurated by Mission Director NHM Sudhir Sharma on Thursday. Principal of SMS Medical College Dr Rajeev Bagrahatta, Hospital Superintendent Dr Achal Sharma were also present on the occasion. MD NHM Sharma said that now 30,000 units of blood can be stored in the blood bank of the hospital. Bagrahatta said that blood of various groups can now be stored in greater numbers to help people during an emergency. Dr Amit Kumar Sharma, HoD of IHTM Department, said that the blood centre of SMS Hospital is a regional transfusion centre, where about 60 to 80 thousand units of blood are donated every year. “About 125000 blood components are made from the stored blood. These blood components are stored at different temp,” he said.

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