Saturday, July, 20,2024

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Black marketing of water in Jpr; protest for water in Tonk

Jaipur/Tonk: In a shocking revelation, several tanker drivers in Jaipur have been caught selling govt-provided water on black market. The PHED has lodged complaints against 8 tanker drivers involved in this illegal activity. So far, FIRs have been registered against a total of 12 tanker drivers. The scam involves stealing water from hydrants without necessary OTP & GPS checks, and then selling it for 600 to 700 rupees per tanker.

Meanwhile, in Tonk, residents have taken to streets to protest against the ongoing water shortage. A blockade was set up at Banwari Ji’s Crossroad, causing significant disruption. Police arrived at the scene in response to the situation. The protest, led by residents of Ward52, highlighted the frustration and anger among the people due to the persistent water problems.

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