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BJP is destroying democracy in country and RaGa is bringing voice of nation to fore: CM

New Delhi/ Jaipur: CM Ashok Gehlot has targeted the central government in a conversation with the media in Jaipur before leaving for Delhi on Friday. Gehlot said that an atmosphere of fear has been created in the entire country.

“ED, CBI, Income Tax are doing excesses. The Election Commission, even the judiciary is under pressure. The mood of the whole country is telling that the intention of the government is not right. This is dictatorial tendency. Parliament is not functioning, can’t an MP speak, when he gives clarification, the ruling party creates ruckus, this is happening for the first time in the country,” CM Gehlot said.

Gehlot further said, “When the ruling party itself is disturbing the Parliament, then how will democracy remain here. Ever since Bharat Jodo Yatra took place, the message of inflation and unemployment has been spread across the country.

Rahul Gandhi gave the message of violence-free India, of love and brotherhood. Since then the government is in panic. On one pretext or the other, efforts are being made that the people of Congress and the opposition could not speak inside the Parliament.” Gehlot said that after the decision of the Lower Court, there is the HC and SC too. “What was the hurry that you took such a decision.

Suddenly the LS membership of such a big leader, who has a message in the nation, who has a large number of supporters, was cancelled. People won’t spare them. Rahul Gandhi is a patriot whose entire family has been in the freedom struggle. They dedicated Anand Bhavan to the nation. A person, who does not have a house to live himself, whose grandmother and father has been killed. I know Rahulji closely.

He has a feeling of distress towards poor. Indira Gandhi was also harassed by these people & expelled from the Parliament. Later there was such a storm that Indiraji won with a huge majority. What the Centre is doing today, the public won’t like this dictatorship and will teach them a lesson in 2024 LS polls.

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