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BJP has not guts to listen to achievements of Rajasthan govt: Ashok Gehlot over ruckus in Assembly

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday targeted BJP MLAs for creating a ruckus during the Governor’s address in the state Assembly on the first day of the budget session, saying they have no guts to learn about the government's achievements.
Alleging conspiracy, he said the BJP legislators wanted to sabotage the governor’s address so that the public will not get to know about the government’s achievements over the years.
“The government has done everything and they (BJP MLAs) know it. When they had nothing to say, they created chaos during the governor's address. I condemn it,” Gehlot said.
The governor's speech in the assembly traditionally is about the government’s achievements but the BJP legislators created a scene as they had no guts to listen to it, he said.
“This is their conspiracy, they will work like this till the elections. They want that the people should not learn about the schemes so that they will not get any benefit,” he claimed.
The opposition members created an uproar in the House over paper leak incidents during recruitment exams. It happened when the governor was reading his address. Gehlot said the government was concerned over paper leaks.
“Our government is leading in the country in giving employment. They (BJP) know it…3.5 lakh recruitments have been made in the state. They are trying to divert attention. They are just doing drama. The incidents of paper leaks are happening in all the states, including the BJP-ruled states,” he said. The chief minister said paper leaks are even happening in Army and judicial exams.
“We have taken the issue seriously…people are sent to jail, employees are suspended, candidates involved are debarred from future examinations,” he said.

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