Friday, June, 21,2024

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Bhaya launches ‘Saras’ digital payment

Jaipur: Mines and Cow Husbandry Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya inaugurated the state-level digital payment system ‘Saras’ for district milk unions, milk producer committees, milk producers and booth operators associated with Raj Cooperative Dairy Federation. RCDF and Yes Bank officials were also present at Bhaya’s residence during the inauguration. Federation’s financial advisor Lalit Morodia said that the digital payment system has been successfully started as a part of the implementation of computerization of cooperative societies. This will benefit milk producers across the state, village level milk producer cooperative societies, dairy booth owners & distributors associated with dairy.

The Yes Bank and technology service provider Quicksilver Connecting the Hot Services Pvt. Ltd. have partnered and a tripartite MoU was signed between.

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