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Beneficiaries of Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Mitra scheme protest at Shaheed Smarak

Jaipur: Beneficiaries of the Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Mitra Intern scheme are staging continuous protests at the Government Hostel Shaheed Smarak in Jaipur.

Beneficiaries of Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Mitra intern scheme have been on a sit-in protest for 15 to 20 days demanding the reinstatement of the hostel. Today, Congress leader Sachin Pilot joined the protest in support of the youth friends. Sachin Pilot expressed his support and said that without any notice, the Bhajan Lal government has pushed 5000 people  towards unemployment. While the Bharatiya Janata Party talks about employing youth in Rajasthan, as soon as the Bhajan Lal government came, 5000 youths were pushed towards unemployment. Youth friends do not have any affiliation with any political party; they are just told that they have Congress ideology, and that's enough to sideline them.

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