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Anand Sharma corners BJP on inflation, unemployment & ‘ban’ on Rs 2,000 note

Jaipur: On the completion of nine years of the Modi govt, Congress press conferences were held across the country. Former Union Minister Anand Sharma held a press conference in Jaipur and asked nine questions to PM Modi at the state Congress HQs. The focus of Sharma’s questions remained on inflation, unemployment and the ban of 2 thousand notes. Moreover, the echo of the issue of ERCP was heard for which Congress leaders again raised the demand before the arrival of PM Modi in Ajmer.

Former Union Minister Anand Sharma said in the press conference that the issues of Rajasthan should be heard, that too without any political bias. Water Supply Minister Mahesh Joshi present in the press conference said that PM Modi is coming to Ajmer.

“This (ERCP) was the first announcement he had made, the land of Ajmer is reminding him of his promise. I demand that PM Modi should announce ERCP in the interest of the state, if he does not want to do it then refuse,” he said.

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