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All clubs bars, discos to be closed at 12 am

Jaipur: Due to the disturbance caused by late-night parties in hotels, clubs, nightclubs, and pubs, law and order in Jaipur city are deteriorating, with intoxicated young men & women creating chaos on the streets. This has led to considerable inconvenience for general public.

Therefore, in Jaipur, hotels, clubs, nightclubs, bars, pubs, and discos will not be allowed to operate after midnight. Any hotel, club, or establishment found conducting activities beyond this time will face stringent legal action under Section 188 of the IPC.

Issuing Section 144, officers of the Jaipur Commissionerate has requested a list of all hotels, clubs, nightclubs, bars, pubs, and eating houses operating in the city from all district DCPs, SHOs, and special teams of the Commissionerate. This is the first time in Jaipur city’s history that the police have imposed a ban on all hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and houses operating in night. Now, it remains to be seen how effective these orders prove to be for maintaining law and order.

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