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Action on organ transplant cell, accused sent to remand till Apr 4

Jaipur: The three people arrested by the ACB, after it received a confidential complaint that a staff member at the SMS Hospital was allegedly colluding with brokers to issue fake NOC certificates for organ transplantation, were presented at judge’s residence after which they were sent on ACB remand till April 4.

The ACB seized laptop, computer, mobile phones and electronics equipment of all three. During an operation at SMS Hospital on Sunday, Gaurav Singh, Assistant Administrative Officer, SMS Hospital, Jaipur and Anil Joshi, Coordinator of Organ Transplantation, EHCC Hospital, Jaipur, were caught taking bribes of Rs 70,000. Another accused, Vinod, Coordinator of Organ Transplantation at Fortis Hospital, Jaipur, was also arrested. 3 fake NOCs were recovered from the accused on spot. Certificates were also recovered.

During investigation, ACP Dr. Ravi revealed that during the raid at the residence of the accused Gaurav Singh, more than 150 certificates were found. The accused possessed 3 certificates, all belonging to people from Nepal, indicating that accused were involved in the illegal trade of organs from foreign nationals. Approximately 75 certificates were ready to be distributed, indicating ongoing illegal operation.

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