Sunday, October, 02,2022

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A tale of tussle among 2 ministers & an influential leader over a babu!

Jaipur: Two ministers and one influential leader have come at loggerheads over a junior officer in an important department in state. When this ‘leader’ was himself a minister, he had got this favourite officer of his posted on an important position in his department.
However a senior minister from the district from which this official hails, shares past enmity with this official & thus this ‘disgruntled minister’ wants to get this officer removed from the important post. The leader, for as long as he was a minister, never heard a word about his favourite officer from the disgruntled minister.

But now instead of the influential leader, a new minister has come at helm of department & hence the disgruntled minister is pressurising new minister to remove the officer. The ‘disgruntled minister’ also raised this issue during the Chintan Shivir at Udaipur, but such is the hold of this leader that the new minister has n’t been able to gather courage to take on the influential leader’s discontent by removing the officer.

So, the new minister is getting squeezed between the influential leader & the disgruntled leader. Interestingly, he has even shared his dilemma with CM. Dept officers claim that officer has a superb grip over work & no plaint has cropped up aginst him over the past two and a half years.

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