Tuesday, July, 23,2024

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70.80% budget promises of 2023-24 completed

Jaipur: CM Ashok Gehlot’s govt in State has set an example by implementing over 70% of the announcements made in state budget 2023-24 within just 6 months. The data from the govt indicates that out of the 1,426 announcements made in the budget, 1,010 have already been realized, translating to an impressive 70.8% implementation rate. Among these announcements are significant measures like increasing the free electricity units from 50 to 100, distributing free Annapurna food packets to the needy, and providing a 50% discount on roadways bus fares for women instead of previous 30%.

These announcements have already been put into practice. The budget also includes provisions for various regions and demographics, including govt jobs for children orphaned by COVID-19. Gehlot has been actively monitoring the implementation of budget announcements, and the government’s proactive approach has resulted in a successful track record, with 92.1% of the announcements from previous budgets being realized.

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