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15 engineers transferred in Jpr Devp Authority

Jaipur: The JDA has transferred 15 engineers. XEN Hrishikesh Meena has been appointed as TA Director Engineering First, with additional responsibility for the Jawahar Circle Project. Zone 5 is assigned to XEN KC Gupta, while Murarilal Meena is in charge of Project and Management for the Ring Road Project. Harendrapal Singh is the Technical Assistant Director Engineering II. Zone -2 Cell to AEN Ritish Sharma, Zone 6 Cell to Deependra Pal Singh Meena. Priyanka Manat received the Quality Control First Cell and the PRN North Cell. Hanuman Sahay Meena at Garden First and Technical Assistance, with further forest conservation efforts. XEN Vijay Kumar Gothwal, Survey and Records Manager and Technical Assistant to Director Engineering II, and Ramkishan Yadav appointed as Executive Engineer Ring Road North.

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