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Jaipur: Rajasthan has emerged as the tourism hub of the country, welcoming over 13 crore tourists in the first 10 months of the year. With the tourism season at its peak, this number is expected to surpass 15 crores by the end of December, marking a significant achievement for the state. The Tourism Department is elated by this surge and is gearing up for the coming year.

Post-COVID, a paradigm shift in tourism trends has been observed worldwide. People are veering away from urban landscapes, seeking solace in nature, and reconnecting with ancient traditions and heritage.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan’s tourism landscape has witnessed a transformation, showcasing its rich heritage through ancient forts, palaces, and natural marvels like stepwells.

With five tiger reserves, a city of lakes, water palaces, formidable forts, diverse dialects, and a culinary and sartorial tapestry that changes every few miles, Rajasthan offers an authentic and natural experience. The state has become a yearround destination, with December being the golden month for tourism, attracting visitors from across the country to partake in Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Tourism Director Dr. Rashmi Sharma expresses pride in Rajasthan’s tourism advancements compared to other states. She said that Rajasthan’s tourism success is attributed to an aggressive marketing policy, frequent film shootings, its recognition as a premier wedding destination and infrastructural development.

The Central Government shares the vision of showcasing the cultural heritage of states, including Rajasthan, to the world.

This year’s recordbreaking 13 crore tourists are a testament to the state’s allure. Dr. Sharma credits the progress to effective use of social media and winning the Readers’ Choice Award. Tourism has long played a vital role in Rajasthan’s economy.With the new government in power, the state anticipates increased funding from central schemes, the creation of new tourism circuits and the emergence of fresh tourist destinations.

These developments are expected not only to boost tourism and generate employment but also to fortify the state’s economy.

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