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"Women's empowerment is only way to ensure peace, social inclusion": President Murmu

New Delhi: President Droupadi Murmu on Tuesday said that she has the full conviction that women's empowerment is the only way to ensure peace, social inclusion and prosperity in the world.
Addressing the two-day Women's World Summit 2023 being held in Abu Dhabi through a video message, President Murmu congratulated Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak for successfully hosting this important summit. Murmu also lauded Emirati women, saying they are representing the UAE at a global level, occupying prominent positions and making their country proud.
"This Summit is also a reflection of Her Highness's vision about the women of your country and the world. Today, Emirati women are representing the UAE at a global level, occupying prominent positions and making their country proud," she said.
The United Arab Emirates is hosting the international conference 'Global Women Summit 2023' in Abu Dhabi highlighting the role of female leadership in establishing peace, social integration and driving prosperity.
Sheikha Fatima bint Mubaraq in her keynote address said that the summit comes at a "historical moment".
"The summit has come at the historical time when humanity needs someone to light candles to light the way to get out of narrow lanes after health pandemics, political conflicts and social and economic crises," she said.
Lauding the women's participation in UAE's development, Murmu further said, "You have several women as Ministers, members of the UAE Federal National Council, and prominent Ambassadors. They have taken their country to Mars, and they are working to make their country carbon-neutral."
The President, while quoting a line from Manusmrithi, said that India has always been at the forefront of promoting gender respect and democracy in society.
"India has always been at the forefront of promoting gender respect and democracy in society. Our history is full of examples of women taking up leadership roles. In fact, the Indian scriptures have laid great stress on respect for women. I quote here one such example, which says 'Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante tatra' meaning wherever women are given due respect, even the Gods like to live there," Murmu said.
She further said that in modern times also, India was the first among major democracies in the world to grant Universal Adult Franchise to all its citizens, irrespective of their gender, race or religion.
"In India, women have occupied all prominent positions including the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament. In today's India, women are acquiring centre-stage of every discourse and decision-making to build a future-ready society," the President said.
Laying a special emphasis on Women's empowerment, she said that it is one of the focus areas of India's G20 Presidency.
"During our G-20 Presidency, we are working on the theme of 'One Earth. One Family. One Future.' Women's empowerment is one of the focus areas of our Presidency, for which we wish to lay special emphasis on three aspects- First, promoting women's leadership at all levels including at the grassroots level. Second, encouraging women's entrepreneurship. Third, ensuring women's education, as it is the key to women's empowerment and equal participation in the workforce," Murmu said.
Talking about the Women's World Summit's theme, 'Role of Women Leaders in Peace Building, Social Inclusion, and Creating Prosperity,' the president called it "most suited" for the current time.
Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, chair of the General Women's Union (GWU), the Global Women Summit 2023 is organized by The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) in commemoration of 100 years when women obtained the rights of voting and election.
The two-day Summit began on Tuesday in Abu Dhabi at the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort.
Stateswomen, faith leaders, entrepreneurs, social activists, cultural personalities, media celebrities, and scholars from more than 100 countries are attending the summit, as per an official statement. (ANI)

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