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VIRAL: England fans searching for beer in Qatar end up at Sheikh's palace!

Doha: As amusing as it may sound, a couple of England Football team fans who are in Qatar for the ongoing FIFA World Cup ended up at the Sheikh's plush palace in search of beer!

People were a bit surprised after the authorities prohibited a ban on alcohol sale at the stadium. According to a video that has now gone viral on social media, two men from England who are in Qatar for the World Cup looked for beer all across recently. And that's not it! Their hunt for beer led them to the Sheikh's palace where they even came across the Sheikh's cub.

Majeed Freeman, a Twitter user, shared the video on the platform. In the viral video, one of the lads, said, "Last night, we met one of the Sheikh's sons and he took us back to the palace and he showed us, he had lions and everything."

"They've made us so welcome and look around you, it doesn't get any better than this," he added.
"We were on a hunt for some beers and they said 'We'll sort beers', so we jumped into the back of his Land Cruiser, and ended up in a big palace," said his friend who accompanied him to the Sheikh's palace.
"We were in the back and he showed us monkeys, his exotic birds, it was nuts," he further recalled.
Well, if you wait a few seconds, you can take the palace tour through the Snapchat videos posted by them.

Check it out:

Well, who knew a search for beer could land you in a palace? The story can definitely make up for a good movie plot, if not anything else. (ANI)

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