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US: Over dozen juveniles arrested after they loot multiple stores in Philadelphia

Philadelphia: At least 15 to 20 teenagers were arrested and two firearms were recovered by Philadelphia police after a crowd of juveniles allegedly barged and looted stores in the Centre City area on Tuesday night, Fox News reported.

Philadelphia police responded to reports of widespread looting in popular stores like the Apple Store, Lululemon, and Footlocker in the City of Brotherly Love. Authorities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, took action following reports of large groups of juveniles allegedly involved in looting various stores in the Center City area on Tuesday night.

By midnight on Wednesday morning, law enforcement had confirmed the arrest of between 15 to 20 individuals involved in the looting, and they had recovered at least two firearms. Videos shared on social media, including X (formerly known as Twitter), depict scenes of retail stores like Lululemon, the Apple Store, and Footlocker being overrun by groups of looters, according to Fox News.

Steve Keeley from FOX 29 obtained video footage showing the Apple Store in disarray, with iPhones and iPads strewn across display tables. Keeley mentioned on X that many of the stolen Apple products were eventually abandoned due to the devices' comprehensive anti-theft technology.
A police officer informed the local outlet WCAU-TV that more than 100 juveniles were involved in taking items from the Lululemon store. Fortunately, no injuries were reported at that time, Fox News reported citing The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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