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New Delhi: In the triumphant resolution of the arduous rescue operation within Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel, the indispensable involvement of the internationally acclaimed tunnelling expert, Arnold Dix, stands as a testament to his prowess.

This operation concluded on Tuesday with the safe extrication of all 41 entrapped labourers, underscoring Dix’s eminence as the President of the Geneva-based International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association.

His reputation is firmly rooted in the adept handling of the multifaceted challenges inherent in subterranean construction, encompassing legal, environmental, political, and ethical dimensions.

Arnold Dix, a luminary with a Science and Law Degree from Monash University, Melbourne, extends his influence beyond his presidency. His multifaceted persona as a Geologist, Engineer, and Lawyer is indicative of a career spanning over three decades, primarily dedicated to roles intricately linked to subterranean safety.

Dix, recognized for his sagacious legal, scientific, and engineering acumen, has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to such matters, as articulated on his professional platform.

His altruistic endeavours were evident in his volunteer contributions to the Qatar Red Crescent Society from 2016 to 2019, where he played a pivotal role in formulating response strategies for subterranean incidents.

In the year 2020, Arnold Dix collaborated with Lord Robert Mair and Peter Vickery QC to establish Underground Works Chambers, an initiative geared towards providing technical and regulatory solutions to the intricate challenges posed by subterranean spaces.

Partaking in the rescue mission on November 20, Dix conveyed his contentment with the ongoing progress. “I feel gratified. The drilling along the mountain’s zenith is proceeding flawlessly, and within the tunnel, progress is commendable. Thus, my sentiments are affirmative,” he articulated to the press.

Arnold Dix, not merely a virtuoso in his professional capacities but also a person of profound convictions, participated in a morning prayer session with local spiritual leaders on Tuesday, seeking divine intervention for the safe liberation of the beleaguered workers.

His earlier commitment to reuniting the workers with their families “by Christmas” was surpassingly fulfilled, as all workers were successfully evacuated on Tuesday evening.

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