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Telangana govt establishes new oxygen plants in government hospital

Hyderabad: In an initiative to prevent a shortage of oxygen, the Telangana government established oxygen production plants with a capacity of 324 tonnes in a government hospital.

"In Golkonda hospital, at the time of COVID, Telangana government established ICU where we have central oxygen services. The government established an oxygen plant. Earlier, there was no such facility but now COVID patients from different areas are coming here for the treatment," Dr Mohd Azarullah, Superintendent, Golkonda hospital told ANI. He said, "Emergency cases will be taken and provide the ICU with a central oxygen plant. We have all the services. After KCR became came to power in Telangana, he is providing us many facilities, whatever ever is required for the government hospital in the state."
Dr Azarullah said that they will also have video conference meetings every month to discuss the issues and hospital requirements.

"Health department is in constant touch with the hospital to check the requirements of the patients. Moreover, our local MLA also inspects the hospital every month and talks with the patients about the facilities. I thank the Telangana government and KCR for helping the poor people who can not afford treatment in private hospitals," he added.

Meanwhile, Dr Srinivas Rao, Incharge, Golkonda hospital also said, "Our Telangana government has sanctioned the oxygen plant in Golkonda area hospital. It is a very big plan which supplies 500 liters of oxygen every minute. The importance of this plant is we have a receiver from atmosphere air later it will be sent in the machine and come to compartment removes dust particles which are in the air and store in the tank. Later we will use it according to the requirement."

"We are using this for asthma and pneumonia patients. For the last two to three months these cases are increasing so this plant is helping us to provide oxygen to the patients. We thank the Telangana government for providing this service here in this hospital," Dr Rao added. (ANI)

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