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Tawang face-off: Locals of Arunachal's Zemithang exude confidence in Indian Army and Centre

Zemithang: Despite the recent Tawang face-off between the Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Yangtse area, the local villagers of Zemithang are not worried about such type of incident and they have full confidence in the Union government and the Indian Army and are certain that they will protect them.
Zemithang with a population of about 5,000 is the last village in India is located in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang district and is just 10 km away from the LAC. Zemithang is the last border village of Arunachal Pradesh along the Indo-China border.

The bordering village has witnessed a lot of infrastructural development works done by the current government and the local villagers are so happy with this.
Konchuk Tsering, a local resident of Zemithang village said that there are six bastis under Zemithang village and Zemithang is the last bordering village of Arunachal Pradesh along the Indo-China border.

"There are around 5,000 population in the Zemithang area. The local villagers are belonging to the Monpa tribe. This village is located about 10-12 km away from the LAC. Kenzanane is the last location of the LAC. In the last Yangtse incident, our Indian army had taken strong action against the Chinese army while they tried to cross the international border and we are very happy that the Indian army showed its power. Our locals and other youths of the country have gotten a new 'Josh' after seeing the Indian army's action against the Chinese army," Konchuk Tsering said.
He further said that few such incidents happened along the international border, but the local villagers stayed there and they are with the Indian army.
"No one had moved to another place. There is no panic among the villagers and we always support the Indian army. We have faith in our government and the Indian army. We have a good relationship with the Indian army and other security forces. Sometimes we request them to train us so that we can fight against the enemy. In case of an emergency situation, we will move forward to help and support the Indian army. The locals have a 'Josh' and we are always with the government and Indian army," Tsering added.
He also said that, in 1959, when his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama entered into India, his exile route was Zemithang.
"It's a matter of pride for us that the 14th Dalai Lama's exile route is Zemithang. I think, there was no preparation for war from the Indian side in 1962, but the situation has now changed. There was no road connectivity in our area in 1962. Now the BJP government has given more focus on infrastructural development in the bordering areas. Infrastructural development in the bordering areas has now happened fast-growing," Tsering stated.
"We are also so happy about this kind of development and the interest shown by the government. When the Modi government has come to power, many development works have been done in the bordering areas and they should be done. We feel secure about this kind of initiative taken by the government," he further stated.
"Many development works have been done in our area in terms of education, road connectivity etc. But a few works are yet to be done like mobile connectivity, our Zemithang area is yet to be digitalized, but we hope that this will happen in the coming days. We are satisfied with the development works in the bordering areas done by the BJP government. There were no such development works were done in our locality 8-10 years back," he said.
Most villagers have engaged in labour works, business etc. On the other hand, security deployment along the border has also increased.
On the other hand, Sange - another local youth of Zemithang village said that the villagers of Zemithang are now living in a peaceful environment only because of the Indian army.
"We are proud of our Indian army," Sange said. (ANI)

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