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Swiss banks may impose sanctions on secret Chinese accounts

Beijing: Since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine, the Switzerland government has moved in to impose sanctions on Moscow and its residents by freezing their Swiss bank accounts and so is monitoring closely Chinese wealth, which could be the next target, Global Watch Analysis reported.
After an intel report came that China is considering selling weapons such as drones and munitions to Russia, the Swiss bank has started "closely monitoring" Chinese wealth. China has become a possible threat to every country as the number of events came which brought the possibility of sanctioning China closer. Incidents like the Chinese Spy balloons and the possibility of sending weapons to Russia. Even, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has also warned China, saying it has intelligence that Beijing will supply lethal weapons to Russia. At the same time, the US is also preparing to share intelligence with its allies, according to Global Watch Analysis.
In one of the press conferences, Blinken warned China of the consequences if Beijing is considering supplying weapons to Russia.
While addressing a press conference here, Blinken said, "With regard to China and its support for Russia's aggression in Ukraine, as we said from the start and... going back to the very beginning of Russia's aggression was China engaged in lethal material support for Russia's aggression or was engaged in systematic evasion of sanctions to help Russia that would be a serious problem for our countries."
"When I saw senior foreign policy official Wang Yi (China)... I raised with him our concern on information that Chinese is considering supplying weapons to Russia, I said it would be a serious problem in our relationship with China and there would be consequences," he added.
The Swiss bank has not disclosed the size of Chinese assets in the country but the documents released to the International Consortium of Investigative journalism in 2014 showed that at least 20,000 wealthy people from mainland China and Hong Kong own offshore companies involving high-level Chinese "red-second generation families." And five family members of the Politburo Standing Committee members own companies in offshore financial centres such as the British Virgin Islands and the Cook Islands, reported Global Watch Analysis. (ANI)

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