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Spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah seeks halt to Israel offensive in Gaza after Hamas attacks, urges UN, Centre to intervene

Ajmer: The spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah, Hazrat Dewan Syed Zainul Abedin, on Thursday urged the United Nations and the Union government to intervene and bring a halt to the ongoing Israeli military operations in Gaza after deadly terror attacks by the terrorist group Hamas killed over 1,300 and more than 3,300 injured.
Expressing deep concern over the lives lost on both sides in the wake of the terror attacks and the subsequent Israeli retaliation, Abedin said the killings were unjustified and are not consistent with the preachings of Islam and Judaism.
The spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah was quoted as saying in a statement, "I appeal to the UN and Indian government to immediately intervene and bring hostilities to a halt in Israel and Palestine. The loss of lives of innocent people is unjustified and highly condemnable. It is against the teachings of both Islam and Judaism."
"I appeal with folded hands to both sides to stop this bloodshed for the sake of their respective religion and humanity. Every religion must detest violence in any form. Loss of innocent lives is strictly forbidden in Islam. This war must stop to safeguard innocent lives," he added in the statement.
"This is not an era of war. Peaceful dialogue is the only way out. It's not about who won or lost. It's about respecting each other's rights and boundaries in order to safeguard HUMANITY FROM PERISHING. While as Muslims, we pray for safeguarding Muslim lives, we must also remember, Muslim or not, human life is very dear to Allah and scores of killings won't grant us Allah's favour," he stated further.
While coming out in support of the "legitimate rights of the Palestinian people", he said, "Being a Muslim I stand with the legitimate rights of Palestinian people but not with those who take guns into their hands and kill innocent people. The community should intervene and maintain the peace on the ground immediately."
Meanwhile, as Israel's counter-offensive against Hamas entered its seventh day, the Israeli Air Force said its fighter jets targeted Hamas operatives and destroyed military posts of the terror outfit.
At least 1,537 Palestinians have, so far, been killed and another 6,612 injured in the retaliatory air strikes by the Israeli forces, CNN reported citing the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.
At least 36 people have died and more than 650 injured in the aerial assault in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah.

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