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Slovenia's Deputy PM Fajon pins hope on India to stop Russia-Ukraine war

New Delhi: Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia, Tanja Fajon on Saturday pinned her hope on India to stop the Russia-Ukraine war by negotiating for peace between the two sides.
"The brutal Russian aggression in Ukraine has affected the whole world. I support all efforts that can bring together all sides to start negotiations for peace. India has to play the role of the country that protects the basic rules of solidarity & democracy in the world," said Fajon, Dy PM and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Slovenia. This is not the first time that a minister of a country has highlighted that India can play a central role in ending the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Thursday said that India as president of G20 may play a central role in facilitating the negotiation process for cessation of hostilities for "just peace" in Ukraine.
"We hope that India having a G20 presidency can play a central role in facilitating a negotiating process for the cessation of hostilities (in Ukraine). Keeping the multilateral community together is important and we hope the Indian presidency can do it even more," the Italian PM said.
Bangladesh State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shahriar Alam on Friday said that India can play a critical role in resolving the Ukraine conflict.
"India is in talking terms with both the parties of the war, that gives India's Presidency a unique position to bring, invite, work hard to bring them on the table and find a possible solution," said Alam.
Moreover, international political strategist, Actum, US, Vlada Galan said that Raisina Dialogue is an incredible event and it brings together decision makers across the world.
"India finds a unique position as a peacemaker. India is trusted from both sides in the equation both with the US and other international key stakeholders," said Galan.
"India has to take steps as it has an amazing position as an international peacemaker and it is much much more trusted than China. India can do much more. It's Centre of Dialogue," added the international political strategist. (ANI)

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