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Priyanka Chopra Spends time with Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Priyanka Chopra has shared a bunch of images of her interacting with children at various homes for displaced Ukrainians.

Priyanka who has a long-standing association with UNICEF, the United Nations agency providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children across the world, is currently on a trip to Poland to meet Ukrainian refugees

Priyanka has shared several pictures of her playing and painting with Ukrainian children. Some children, the images show, also had gifts and cards handmade for the multi-hyphenate. 


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She also posted some photos, sharing how education is the key to help these children in difficult times like these.

Chopra has been urging world leaders to stand up and deal with the "humanitarian and refugee crisis" emerging out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The actress and goodwill ambassador also asked for action to be taken to help the displaced people from Ukraine.

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