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No truth to reports claiming general election not possible in three months: Pakistan poll body

Islamabad: Pakistan's Election Commission on Tuesday said that it was prepared to hold general elections within three months, rejecting the reports that claimed holding the electoral exercise was not possible in 90 days, local media reported.

Earlier, Pakistani-based media reported that Election Commission won't be able to conduct general elections in the country within three months due to various legal and procedural challenges. Quoting a senior official of the country's poll body, Dawn newspaper reported that preparations for the general elections would require at least six months.
The claim was rejected in a written statement issued by the ECP.

"It is important to clarify that the Election Commission of Pakistan has not issued any statement regarding the election. There is no truth in the news that general elections cannot be held in three months," Samaa TV reported citing the ECP statement.
The commission said it was always ready and it is the constitutional responsibility of the ECP to hold the general elections.
An ECP spokesperson said the commission had summoned an emergency meeting to discuss the preparations for the general elections, according to Samaa TV.
After Pakistani President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly after the deputy speaker rejected the no-trust vote against the PM, the political turmoil turned into a constitutional crisis.

The decision to cancel the no-confidence vote angered opposition parties, who said they would appeal the decision in court.
Pakistan media has criticised the dissolution of the National Assembly in the country, saying that whatever happened on Sunday violated all rules governing proceedings in the House, particularly those dealing with the motion of no-confidence.

In an editorial published on Monday, the Dawn newspaper said that Imran Khan could have played the political game like a true sportsperson and still emerged stronger from the loss given the sharp narrative he had spun leading up to the vote. (ANI)

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